Have Your Car Service as Required or Be Left On the Side Of the Road

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If you are the owner of a vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is regularly serviced. After all, it is one of your hefty investments, and it would be unfortunate to bear losses or experience issues due to a lack of servicing. Leaving your car exposed to damage will not only cost you thousands in the long run, it will also be dangerous as you could be left stranded in the middle of the road. Here are some of the hazards of not servicing your car on time.


Reduced Fuel Efficiency 

When you don't get your car serviced on time, it puts extra stress on the engine. This is the reason why cars start to consume more fuel than usual while driving. Plus, poor fuel efficiency will cost you more in the long run instead of getting your car serviced regularly. The engine will gradually start failing and lose its effectiveness which could, in turn, lead to accidents. Your car can also stop working while driving, and you could be left on the side of the road, wondering what to do.


Oil Sludge Build Up

Another consequence of not getting your car serviced regularly is the build-up of oil sludge. Oil sludge can be very difficult to remove in the future because it can easily stick to the parts of the engine and prevents the normal flow of oil throughout the engine. The performance of the engine will ultimately be affected, and the car will start to consume more fuel. Thus, unnecessary expense on the engine could be easily prevented through regular maintenance.


Road Safety

In addition to the cost of replacing worn-out parts or fixing up the engine, you will also have to face safety hazards on the road. This includes the risk of your car breaking down in the middle of the road in a dangerous location. This affects everything from tyres to your breaks or steering and has the potential to put you and everyone with you in the car in immense danger.


Moreover, there could also be a risk of mechanical failure as well, which could lead to poor performance of the car, and in some cases, extreme accidents.


Increased Running Costs

The longer you delay service, the worse off your car's condition will be. The components in the car will eventually stop working or start wearing off. This will, in turn, increase the running costs, including long term repair expenses and cost of fuel.


The cost of getting your car serviced is not as high as the cost of repair and maintenance in the long run. Therefore, book your slot for car service as soon as possible before it is too late. For more details, please click here.