Preventing car breakdowns this winter

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16:00 PM

Earlier this year, my car broke down in pretty spectacular fashion. I was on a highway, heading home from work when a con-rod blasted through my engine, leaving a pretty sizable hole. It was not exactly how I wanted to spend my evening. I spent hours stressfully calling for ency car towing and making multiple calls to mechanic friends to get a second opinion – which didn’t help. Defeatedly, I made arrangements to borrow a car and get car repairs.


Since then, I’ve become much more aware of how my car is running, because trust me, breaking down is not fun. And, winter is one of the most common times to break down. Plus, at least when I broke down it was a sunny, warm day – breaking down on a cold, wintery day would only make it that much worse.


So, to hopefully help you be more prepared to battle a breakdown, here are some tips to prevent your car from breaking down this winter.


  1. Turn your lights off

    During winter, one of the most common causes of breakdowns is battery failure. I get it, sometimes on a foggy or particularly dark morning, you need your lights for visibility. And often, once you get to work it’s light and bright and turning your car lights off just slips your mind.
    It’s such an easy thing to forget – unless, of course, your car beeps at you to turn them off, or better still, turns them off for you. But, double checking this will prevent you from being stuck at the end of the day.
    If you are especially forgetful, maybe it would be helpful to carry a set of jump leads. You know, just in case. This may just prevent you from needing to call a towing service.

  2. Fill your car up

    Most types of cars use more fuel in winter so the trips you’ve become accustomed to on a half-full tank may leave you stranded as the temperatures drop. Keep a close eye on your fuel gauge and make regular top-ups to make sure you aren’t stranded in the winter chill.

  3. Check your oil and coolant

    Both oil and coolant are integral for a smooth-running engine, and therefore a well-running car. These help to protect your car and can help prevent a breakdown. Plus, coolant helps to regulate the temperature of your engine, making sure it doesn’t overheat or freeze. This is especially important for those frosty mornings. Checking the levels of these regularly can ensure that you don’t get caught out.

  4. Get your car serviced

    An un-serviced car is a risk at any time, but during winter it can get even riskier. Due to the increased weather damage that can come with winter, getting your car serviced will be able to prevent any issues.
    Plus, they may catch something you hadn’t noticed yet and massively minimise the risk of a future breakdown.
    If you do happen to break down in winter, calling a daylight-hours or 24/7 car towing service can help you and your car to get home safely.