Top Signs Your Radiator Is About to Fail and How to Pull Over to Safety

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Your vehicle�s cooling system comprises several parts, including the water pump, cooling fan, radiator, and a series of hoses and belts. While any of your vehicle's cooling system components may fail, one of the components that often break down is your radiator. However, it shows a few signs before it actually fails.


In this post, we share top signs that your radiator shows when it is about to fail. Moreover, we also share how to pull over to safety. 


Top Signs Your Radiator Shows When It is About to Fail and How to Pull Over to Safety


Rising Temperature Gauge

Perhaps the rising temperature gauge is the first sign of trouble you may experience when your radiator is about to fail. When your radiator is not working properly, you may observe the rising temperature gauge on your dashboard.


In case the gauge rises to the red zone, you need to stop your vehicle immediately to avoid any potential damage to your vehicle�s engine due to overheating. Moreover, you should get in touch with a reliable towing service provider who can tow your car to a service station safely.


You Notice Steam Releasing from Hood

Another top sign that your radiator will show before it breaks down is releasing white steam from underneath your vehicle's hood. In case you miss out on the temperature gauge, you cannot miss out on this sign of an overheated vehicle.


As soon as you notice steam releasing from under the hood, pull your vehicle to the side of the road and call a reliable towing service provider to safely transport your vehicle to the service station. Try not to continue driving after you notice steam from your car's engine.


Leaking or Low Coolant Levels

It is important that you frequently check your vehicle's fluid levels, including the coolant which your radiator holds, and helps keep the engine cool. If you notice low levels of coolant, it could be an indication of leakage in your radiator, which, if not correct in time, can lead to overheating of your vehicle and damage to your engine. 


In case of coolant leakage, make sure you get your vehicle checked at a service station to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and car�s engine.


As soon as you notice the first signs of damage to the radiator, it is important to immediately stop driving your car and get in touch with a reliable towing company that can safely transport your vehicle to the service station. If you are looking for a reliable towing company, get in touch with Gisborne District Towing Service, which makes a professional towing company in New Gisborne. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.