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Macedon Emergency Response & Car Towing Solutions


Our Macedon towing service is fast, reliable and will get you out of a bad road situation fast. At GDTS, we are committed to delivering a top-notch Macedon towing service that sets us apart from other operators out there. All our tow trucks are Vic Roads licensed, with the ability to attend all types of motor vehicle accident scenes - ensuring only the best service to motorists and passengers throughout the Macedon area. We employ only professional, friendly and experienced towing operators that understand your emergency response needs and can deliver a timely and cost-effective service that provides you with extra peace of mind.


Experienced Macedon Tow Truck Drivers

If you have just experienced a road accident or your vehicle has simply stopped operating, GDTS can get to your location promptly; and load and transport your vehicle to your desired location. Our fast response times means you don’t have to worry about being stranded on the road for longer than you have to be.


We operate 24-hours, 7 days a week for your convenience, so you never have to feel stressed about finding the right towing business. From the time you contact our depot, one of our tow truck drivers will be on the way to your designated location to safely load your vehicle. Whether you need it transported to your home or any other location, we’ll be happy to arrange this for you on your behalf. 


Emergency Smash Repairs - Macedon

If you have just been involved in a road collision, your first priority is to get this repaired immediately. We offer affordable car repairs in our Macedon workshop and can get your car looking like brand new again. Our experienced smash repairers and panel beaters can fix a range of issues including minor damage to your vehicle to more comprehensive repairs. We also have a fleet of courtesy cars and hire cars available to avoid any disruptions to your everyday routine.


Our Macedon towing service should be your first port of call in any emergency response situation. Call our friendly team today 0403-025-044 for fast, reliable and professional service.